eFlexApp gives you control over your engine performance
The most advanced mobile application in its class- compliment your eFlexFuel driving experience with the eFlexApp software.

Monitor your engine performance with ease

Access engine data from the palm of your hand by connecting your eFlexFuel conversion kit to the eFlexApp on your mobile device, allowing for easy monitoring of engine data. With our eFlexPlus and eFlexPro conversion kits, experience a deeper level of intuitive control with the ability to change the settings on your device by choosing between different driving modes.


eFlexApp offers different features, depending on the eFlexFuel product family. With our eFlexPlus and eFlexPro conversion kits, you can make easy adjustments – no matter where you are.

eFlexApp with eFlexEco conversion kits

Concerning eFlexEco, our eFlexApp has standard features which enable you to monitor the essential functions such as ethanol content, injector duty cycle, fuel temperature, ambient engine temperature, injector activity and cold enrichment. In addition, possible fault codes can also be checked. You can also customize the look and feel of the eFlexApp by selecting language, temperature unit and theme.

eFlexApp with eFlexFuel Plus conversion kits

In addition to the standard features, eFlexApp offers adjustment possibilities for startup and RPM based enrichment. You can improve your startup in cold weather by choosing from between five different preset options. You can also use our eFlexTuner software to create your own custom settings and convert them into your mobile phone.

eFlexApp includes driving modes for adjusting RPM based enrichment. There are three preset options to choose from and a custom option that can be chosen to make your own custom tune with eFlexTuner.

eFlexApp with eFlexFuel Pro conversion kits

With eFlexPro conversion kits, you get, at a minimum, the same product features as in the eFlexPlus product family. With eFlexPro, you can bring up to three different custom modes to your mobile phone for RPM based enrichment. Additional features are developed continuously by our R&D software team.

Operating system requirements:

Android 5.0 and up
iOS 9.0 and up


eFlexApp requires permission to use Bluetooth on both operating systems. In addition, location permission is required on Android. The location is only used when nearby Bluetooth devices are being scanned. eFlexApp utilizes BLE technology, which requires the location to be turned on while scanning.

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