Transform your POWER

The eFlexMoto Pro conversion kit is designed for enthusiasts and professionals with motorbikes or other recreational vehicles. The possibilities are endless with the first-ever flex fuel convertor with fully customizable fuel maps (patent pending), one that can be connected to two external engine sensors. With eFlexMoto Pro, you can optimize your bike or recreational vehicle as you want.


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Comprehensive Engine Optimization

With access to our eFlexTuner software, as well as the eFlexApp, control is in your hands with log files and tools for analysis

Optimized Performance

Take your engine’s performance to the next level with E85 fuel and eFlexMoto Pro, increasing your engine power by as much as 15%

Tuning to Perfection

Control your own tuning by saving multiple custom tunes that can be switched in and out while having the option to share custom tunes with other drivers

Package includes the following: control unit, ethanol sensor, manual, stickers, product box, eFlexPro graphic cover

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